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A MSP owner, who has set up a shop with a few staff and some services, has realised the value of generating recurring revenue from the operation side of their businesses. services rendered by the provider may be supported by dedicated staff attending ticketing systems and conducting periodic maintenance as specified in the SLA of the client. As master MSP, we've spoken to MSPs who want to scale and extend from their present situation. However, as resources and investment can be a constraint on developing any system, we have built solutions that will help small MSPs in order to increase their growth.
As a MSP, one of the key perks that you can bring to your business is after-hours support. According to Robin from Technology Marketing Toolkit, 49 per cent of 600 all-inclusive MSPs she surveyed said they had no extra charge for after-hour assistance. If your clients are working 24/7, it cannot be prudent to provide modest IT help at night. In comparison, if the customers have offices in different time zones, being a 24/7 MSP is almost essential. 

Plan your next strategic update

With our white-label after-hour service, you can work during the day and guide all support to us at night. This way, you will become a 24/7 service who helps clients from everywhere in the world.

You can expand to more of our portfolio's service offerings using our white-label solutions and reach your customers with a broader SLA offering. 

Through the unloading of requests to our dedicated service technicians pool, you can unload the load on your employees to handle more customers at a given time, particularly during peak hours.

Now you can even create your own offshore support centre and set up your own team by recruiting our engineers as your full-time employees to provide high-quality support services in a cost-effective manner.

With technologies and threats evolving so quickly, it is unlikely that a single internal specialist can stay up to date. A team of professionals will do this more easily, ensuring that the network is successful against the complexities of today's hyper-connected world. Performance is increased with the development of a team of IT experts, often at the expense of a single employee. This alone makes master MSP a easy choice for businesses who are passionate about serving their customers 24/7 and minimising downtime costs.

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